Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use


  • All bookings must be made through the Booking System. Any issues creating bookings should be emailed to the Booking Officer.
  • All bookings must be made by the Member, including those made for their Guests. Bookings will not be accepted if made by Guests. 
  • By making a booking all Members and their Guests agree to adhere to the Karel’s Conditions of Use & Code of Conduct.

General House Rules

  • Illegal and illicit drug use is not permitted.
  • Smoking and vaping are not permitted inside the buildings.
  • Smokers are required to dispose of their cigarette butts responsibly.
  • All butts must be completely extinguished before disposal.
  • Butts are not to be crushed into the ground or thrown into grasses or bushland.
  • Local Fire Restrictions and the requirements for Fire Permits are to be observed at all times.
  • Check out time is 10am. Check in time is after 2pm. Baggage storage arrangements can be made outside these times by consultation with the Manager.
  • Sleeping is not permitted in the lounge room or the hallways.
  • Quiet time in the Lodge is from 10.30pm until 7am. Please do not cause noise anywhere in or around the buildings during this time.
  • No skies, snowboards or boots to be taken into the buildings. Last person to bed must ensure:
  • All electronic entertainment units and lights are turned off.
  • The fireplace is safe to be left with the fire screen in place and the doors closed.
  • The lounge room is left in a tidy state.

Main bathroom:

  • Remember that other people use the main bathroom.
  • Do not leave your belongings in the bathroom after use.

Gravel area beside the walkway between the house and the Annexe:

  • Parking is not permitted in this area.
  • It may be used for unloading and loading vehicles


  • Please respect the privacy of our Manager.
  • Do not play or be noisy in the garden in front of Room 8 or in the Annex hallways and stairwell.

Room Servicing:

  • All rooms will be serviced weekly.
  • If stays of 8 days or more have been booked, please negotiate a suitable time with the Manager for the room to be cleaned on or about day 7 of the stay.

Day of Departure:

  • All guests are to strip their beds of sheets and pillowcases and put them in the laundry together with bath towels and bath mats.

Non Ski Season Guests:

Guests who stay during the Non Ski Season are required to do the following on the day of their departure:

  • Vacuum and tidy up the lounge room.
  • Vacuum and tidy up the bedroom/s you have used.
  • Sweep the kitchen and dining area.
  • Mop the kitchen and dining area.
  • Clean up the bathroom they used

Code of Conduct

Member Responsibilities:

  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their children and guests, whether the Member is present during the stay or not.
  • All children (14 years and under) are required to be under direct parental supervision throughout their stay.
  • Children are not permitted to eat or drink in the lounge or in the bedrooms unless they are supervised by a parent.
  • A cleaning charge will be applied for damage or stains from spillages on carpet or furniture.

Unacceptable Conduct and Behavior:

  • Persons who are found to be using illegal or illicit drugs, or behaving in an unacceptable manner by other Guests and/ or the Manager will be requested to modify their behavior.
  • After giving one warning, the Manager, with the permission of any two Directors, can ask any person whose behavior is deemed unacceptable, to leave Karel’s. Tariffs received for the unexpired portion of the booking will not be refunded
  • Guests behaving in an unacceptable way or who have been asked to leave Karel’s may have bookings for their future stays refused.
  • Behaving in an offensive manner, including the use of offensive language. 
  • Any threat or use of physical violence, bullying or harassment of other Guests or the Manager.
  • Causing willful damage to Karel’s property, infrastructure, equipment, amenities or lands
  • Behaving in such a way that property is at risk of damage, for example lighting fires outside, serious misuse of equipment or facilities, jumping on furniture or hitting balls against the outside doors.
  • Repeatedly running up and down the hallways and stairwell.
  • Creating noise that disturbs the quiet enjoyment of others in the Lodge. This may include playing computer games, music, DVDs, television and other devices at a noise level that disturbs others.
  • Ask the permission of other Guests using the sitting room prior to using any of the form of media entertainment.
  • The Directors have the right to Refuse any Bookings