How To Book

Go to and select bookings then select login here

If you require your member number, select retrieve your member number and the system will email it to your registered email address

Enter your member number and Surname

At this point you will see the rooms available

Your chosen room will be highlighted green

Highlight the first and last night that you require and select next step

Choose tariff type and enter the guest’s name

If you require double beds tick the options box and enter the quantity

Select next step to review your booking and provide any notes about your booking

You may also tick the box and update your member details

Select next step to pay by credit card

Enter your credit card details

You will receive a confirmation email    


Parameters that run our booking system:

  • Maximum booking period is 7 days, for longer stays make a second booking

  • If your booking transcends 2 tariff periods, make a second booking

  • If your booking exceeds your unit entitlement, make a second booking

  • If you do not fill a room in winter, make a wait list booking, the Booking Officer may reallocate rooms

  • If you make an error, cancel the booking and start again

  • If you are using a mobile device use landscape view

  • If you are making a large booking, book one room at a time.